How to end the standoff with your merchants

Who should have the burden of lifting product information as you as a manufacturer have it to the way it is presented at the digital point-of-sales provided by your merchants? Often this seems to be stalled in a standoff as described in the post Passive vs Active Product Information Exchange.

Standoff as upstream

At Product Data Lake we offer manufacturers and merchants an honorable way out of this standoff.


How Manufacturers Can Sell More and Reduce Costs

In a data driven world being the best at sharing product information with your trading partners is a winning formula.

You will sell more if your re-sellers will have the most complete, accurate and timely product information about your products in front of their customers.

You will reduce costs if  you can push your product information in one uniform way and let your re-sellers pull it in their many ways. This will free you from applying many different solutions to providing product information to your re-sellers. You will avoid errors and you will be able to automate the processes.

Our solution using emerging technologies within Product Data Lake will make you “easy to do business with” in the eyes of your re-sellers and make your product information a powerful weapon.

The people who will use your products deserves to know all about it and wants to get that information when making the buying decision wherever they are in the supply chain.

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Upstream sell more reduce costs