How to end the standoff with your merchants

Who should have the burden of lifting product information as you as a manufacturer have it to the way it is presented at the digital point-of-sales provided by your merchants? Often this seems to be stalled in a standoff as described in the post Passive vs Active Product Information Exchange.

Standoff as upstream

At Product Data Lake we offer manufacturers and merchants an honorable way out of this standoff.


How Manufacturers Can Sell More and Reduce Costs

In a data driven world being the best at sharing product information with your trading partners is a winning formula.

You will sell more if your re-sellers will have the most complete, accurate and timely product information in front of their customers.

You will reduce costs if  you can push your product information in one uniform way and let your re-sellers pull it in their many ways.

Our Product Data Push solution using emerging technologies within Product Data Lake will make you “easy to do business with” in the eyes of your re-sellers and make your product information a powerful weapon.

The people who will use your products deserves to know all about it and wants to get that information when making the buying decision.

Learn more about Product Data Push here.

Upstream sell more reduce costs

Product Data Lake version 1.3 is Live

Some new capabilities have been included in the Product Data Lake service.

As a manufacturer you can now utilize Product Data Lake even more as a cloud based lightweight Product Information Management (PIM) system. We have added better views of uploaded product information and better means of managing product data within the service. This will be of benefit for manufacturers who already handles product data in ERP and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions and needs a cost-effective solution to share these data with trading partners. Learn more about this option here.

Also, independent providers of hubs of product information within a given industry and/or geography can now self-register as a reservoir inside Product Data Lake and thus ad a modern and generic way of collecting and distributing product information to existing specialized product data pools.

PDL sprintsBut we do not stop there. The next version 1.4 will be live just before our far east development team takes some time off for the Lunar New Year. This version adds new possibilities for pushing product information through Product Data Lake. We already support file drops via FTP domains, traditional interactive upload from network drives and direct data entry. Next option is APIs.

Further versions during the coming months covers deeper integration of popular product information standards such as ETIM, eClass and UNSPSC. Learn more about these standards in the post Five Product Classification Standards.


Black Friday 2017 Product Data Push

PDL_Illustration_HowAboutYouAs a manufacturer, your aim for any Black Friday will be that most of the buying going on will include your products. Or perhaps that the products sold is produced by using your products.

One way you can influence that is by ensuring that whoever sells your products have the most complete and accurate product information in front of their customers. Not at least when it comes to online selling.

Using Product Data Push into Product Data Lake is the way to get that done as fast and effortless as possible.

In the Black Friday spirit, we offer a free onboarding of your product portfolio if started before 24. December 2017.

All you have to do to get started is pushing your product portfolio with attached product information to us. And perhaps answer a few questions.

Then we will:

  • Create a Product Data Lake testing account for you free of charge for 6 months *)
  • Put your products into Product Data Lake
  • Put your product attributes into there as well
  • Put your digital assets up there too
  • Even put any related products in play also

You will the be able to push your product information in one uniform way and let your re-sellers pull it in their many ways.

Read more about Product Data Push here.