Lightweight PIM for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer you can use Product Data Lake as a lightweight PIM (Product Information Management) solution.

The Commercial Benefits

PDL MenuYou will be able to push product data from ERP and PLM (Product Lifecycle Manangement) solutions into Product Data Lake and use the service to control product attributes, digital assets and related products with the aim of:

  • Enriching the product data with standard product classifications as UNSPSC, GPC, HS (commodity codes), eClass and ETIM
  • Enriching with standards for attributes as eClass properties and ETIM features
  • Transforming and translating product data
  • Measuring data quality against standards and downstream requirements
  • Pushing product data to merchants
  • Pushing product data to marketplaces such as Amazon, Facebook, Google Merchant Center and heaps of local services.

About the Technical Side

Uploading data to Product Data Lake upstream is done via APIs, by using hot folders on FTP sites, by importing files inside the Product Data Lake or by manually typing and twisting data in the Product Data Lake user interface.

All attribute values can be uploaded represented in a given culture, which is a combination of a country and a language. Different character sets for upload  is available too.

Product Data Lake is a Software-as-a-Service solution hosted on Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud using the Amazon Linux servers in Frankfurt, Germany. The data is stored using MongoDB. Other technologies used includes Google ElasticSearch.