About Product Data Push


Join Product Data Lake: The intersection of Product Information Management and Big Data

Our goal is to let you gain substantial business outcome, as you will:

  • Sell more: Your re-sellers will have the most complete, accurate and timely product information in front of their customers.
  • Reduce costs: Push your product information in one uniform way and let your re-sellers pull it in their many ways.

Product Data Push is a service for manufacturers. The service facilitates your needs when sharing product information with downstream trading partners:

  • When you introduce new products to the market, you make the related product data and digital assets available to your downstream partners in one uniform way
  • When you win a new downstream partner you have the means to immediately and professionally provide product data and digital assets for the agreed range
  • When you add new products to an existing agreement with a downstream partner, you are able to provide product data and digital assets instantly and effortless
  • When you update your product data and related digital assets, you have a fast and seamless way of pushing it to your downstream partners
  • When you introduce a new product data attribute or digital asset type, you have a fast and seamless way of pushing it to your downstream partners
  • As an upstream provider you may push product data and digital assets from several different internal sources
  • You will also be able to pull your own enriched product information back in a uniform way including having your data tagged with classifications and features according to an international standard

Product Data Lake is the cloud service that takes care of  letting your downstream trading partners pull your unique product information into their format, structure and taxonomy.

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You can use Product Data Lake as an extension to an ERP solution or an in-house PIM (Product Information Management) solution or as your own Lightweight PIM solution.